A Guide to the Top PCM Career Options after 12th Grade .

Once you are done with the 12th grade, choosing a good career option can be nerve-wracking for many. With over hundreds of great courses to choose from it’s even more confusing to select the perfect one. If you are from a science background with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as a combination then you already have a list of amazing career options to choose from.

To help you steer your career options after 12th PCM in the right direction we have this article. If you are trying to find out the best career options after the 12th PCM then you have landed in the right place! This article best guides you through the PCM career options. Go through the complete blog and earn a key to your bright future!

Top PCM Career Options after 12th PCM

What to do after 12th Science PCM? Well, you will no longer be searching for this question if you sail your career boat through the right path! Read on to know some of the best career options after class 12th PCM.

Bachelor of architecture
Bachelor of Architecture or B Arch is one of the most sought courses among PCM students. It offers you to learn the construction, designing, and planning of various physical structures. This course is a complete package of design, mathematics, environmental studies, and social sciences.

B Arch is one of the high-paying career profiles in the world. This profile requires a lot of research, assignments, projects, and fieldwork. If you are immensely good at designing and visualizing then you must consider pursuing B Arch after the 12th PCM.

B Des in Product Design
Product designers research trends and consumer demands to create goods that benefit their consumers. To construct the ultimate product, they frequently collaborate with graphic designers and photographers.

The primary goal of the course is to investigate the goods, systems, and consumers. Human factors, cognitive ergonomics, studio skills, advanced cad, research methodologies, materials, and production processes are all included in the bachelor of design in product design.

Aeronautical Engineering
If you are a PCM student and are keen to explore heights then Aeronautical engineering is one of the greatest career options after 12th PCM. The primary goal of the course is to keep students up to date on rocket science, flying craft mechanisms, and shuttle planning, development, and design. A minimum of 10+2 is required for the four-year undergraduate program.

A career in Aeronautical Engineering is unquestionably profitable. A B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering degree can lead to employment with well-known space administration businesses like NASA, ISRO, and others.

Machine Learning Engineering
One of the most interesting career options after the 12th is machine learning. Before commencing their career, a machine learning engineer often needs to complete a four-year degree in computer science or data science.

A data scientist, administrator, analyst, or data engineer collaborates with a machine learning engineer. They often create artificial intelligence (AI) systems to automate prediction models. They may also analyze and evaluate numerous data sources and develop models to improve their execution.

Forensic Science
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Forensic Sciences is one of the most interesting courses of all time after PCM. This course teaches you how to use science to solve crimes.

The forensic study is an exciting study that will prepare you to work with both government and private entities to investigate crimes and cases. To pursue a job in the same, you’d require analytics and a strong presence of mind.

Non-Engineering Career Options after 12th PCM
If you are a PCM student then you already have a big list of career options to choose from. Apart from engineering courses, you can select from various other out-of-the-box career options. Read on to know some of the best Non-engineering career options after class 12th PCM.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Animation and Multimedia
It is a three-year undergraduate program that will prepare you for a successful career in multimedia and animation. This field offers several employment prospects.

After completing this course, you will have various profitable PCM employment alternatives. You may try your luck in Bollywood, major media outlets, and animation studios around the country.

B.Sc. Physical Science
This three-year program instructs students in earth sciences. This course is a good choice for anyone interested in a career in sustainable development.

The minimum required aggregate score in the Science stream for aspirant students’ 10+2 or equivalent examinations is 50–60%. Astronauts, Lab technicians, Research scientists, Data analysts, and geophysicists are some of the career profiles to take up after completing a B.Sc. in physical sciences.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Computer Science
This three-year program educates you about computer applications spanning from diverse software and hardware.

The computer is a significant aspect of our lives in this day and age. As a result, this degree provides profitable PCM employment opportunities after the 12th. If you study this topic, you may work as a system analyst and earn a good living.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Geology
Are you interested in world geography? If yes then this course might help you build a strong career in the geological department!

This course lasts three years and is available in many private and public institutions. After graduating from high school, you may investigate the finest PCM employment possibilities in mineral extraction businesses, private refineries, coal extraction companies, and so on.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer application requires completing a three-year curriculum that provides both an academic and practical understanding of computer technology and application.

Professionals who complete this course are typically employed as marketing managers, computer systems analysts, or cybersecurity specialists. BCA is a well-known course among PCM students. This course is open to students who are interested in computer systems and applications.

Top Career Options after 12th PCM with high salary
Are you looking for the best 12th PCM career options with high-salary benefits? If yes then here is the list you need to see.

Digital Marketer
Do you want to learn more about the creative aspect of a Mar-tech career? Then you may get into digital marketing as a job. It is currently one of the fastest developing areas, and it is simple to make it one of one’s professional possibilities after the 12th science PCM.

Graduates of the 12th PCM can pursue their careers in digital marketing by working as researchers, data analysts, and so on. If you want to become a Digital marketer, You can search on google Digital Marketing Course in Noida, And you can do courses from the best institutes.

How much do you expect to earn as a digital marketer?
As a newcomer, your annual salary would be roughly ₹234k. The typical salary for this position is ₹548k per year, with the potential to rise to ₹ 1m per year with suitable experience and abilities.

Finance Manager
The finance market has got real salary benefits for PCM students. The finance industry is one of the best career choices for PCM candidates. As a finance manager, you will be in charge of your organization’s budget and financial progress.

To keep their teams on track, finance managers must conduct frequent performance reviews and provide feedback to them. This is another high-paying job option after the 12th PCM.

How much do you expect to earn as a finance manager?
The average salary of a finance manager stands at ₹357k per year; however it can reach up to ₹2m per year as per the experience and skills.

Software Engineer
Software engineers are in charge of generating software features that correspond to the software design. Students must pursue a 4-year bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering after passing the 12th PCM.

Software engineering is a popular PCM career option because it offers excellent employment prospects with competitive compensation in a variety of industries.

How much do you expect to earn as a Software Engineer?
On average, software engineers earn ₹562k per year. As a novice, you may expect to make ₹274k per year, and with enough abilities and experience, your salary can rise to ₹2 m per year.

Ethical Hacker
Ethical Hacking is one of the best career options after the 12th PCM. This is because Ethical hacking is more about your skills than your grades.

To pursue ethical hacking as a career, a candidate must first complete their undergraduate degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. Candidates can also enroll in this program after earning an advanced diploma in network security.

How much do you expect to earn as an Ethical Hacker?
In India, the wage of an ethical hacker starts at INR 1.77 lakh per year and can reach INR 40 lakh per year.

Final Words
After finishing the 12th Science PCM, you can choose from a variety of courses. Choosing a professional route after completing your 12th science PCM might be difficult. We hope that the above list of job alternatives and high-paying courses after 12th science PCM has assisted you in making the proper decision.

You should choose a job path based on your interests and goals. Determine what inspires you the most and which professions provide similar opportunities. It will assist you in making better decisions.

A Guide to the Top PCM Career Options after 12th Grade .

A Guide to the Top PCM Career

A Guide to the Top PCM Career Options after 12th Grade .

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