Career Options after BCA in 2024

Are you having difficulty deciding what to do after your BCA? If you have a BCA, are you having trouble choosing between a job and post-graduation? After earning their graduate degrees, BCA students frequently struggle with the decision of which profession to pursue.

After completing a BCA, there are numerous career options, including plenty of employment possibilities and professional training programmes. Your career may develop differently based on your decision, allowing you to advance more quickly.

What Is a Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA?
The three-year Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) undergraduate programme teaches students the fundamentals of software development and computers. It is one of the most liked courses for students who want to work in the IT industry. And if you do another course after it, you can earn one of the top wages. The course covers networking, database management, programming in languages like Java and C, and much more.

A list of the various career paths you can choose after completing a BCA is provided below.

Best Career Option After BCA
Let’s discuss the top career paths available after a BCA, including those in the public and private sectors, alongside their scope, income, and possibilities for the future.

1 – Get an MBA (Master of Business Administration)
For those who still want to work in technology but are not deeply interested in tech jobs, this is the greatest option.

Applying for management positions is possible with an MBA. You can choose this depending on your area of expertise. Recruiters will favour you if you have knowledge in a certain industry, which offers you an edge in the employment market.

After earning your BCA, pursuing an MBA is a very profitable career option. The average annual pay for people who pursue an MBA after completing a BCA is INR 7 LPA.

You are not obligated to stay in the IT industry if you have an MBA. Besides that, you can pursue careers as a project manager, business consultant, marketing manager, investment banker, management consultant, etc.

2 – Become a Data Scientist
One of the fields with the greatest growth potential today is data science. The possibility of using data to increase consumer satisfaction and expenditure has only recently been realized by companies. Therefore, this field has a wide range of implications for all industries, especially those that are consumer-driven.

Programming, data visualisation, prediction, machine learning, and big data are all covered in a data science course.

3 – Become a Digital Marketer
One of the most rapidly expanding industries in the nation in digital marketing. The digital marketing industry has increased by 33.5% just since last year. As a digital marketer, you can work in a variety of positions, including SEO analyst, social media specialist, content manager, digital marketing manager, and UX-UI designer.

You will learn about a variety of topics in a digital marketing course, including marketing analytics, content marketing, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization. Additionally, it will familiarise you with applications like WordPress, MailChimp, and Google Analytics that are essential for your profession.

4 – Learn Product Management
Product managers are entrusted with supervising a product throughout its entire life cycle. The success of the product is entirely your responsibility as the product manager, from conception and planning to market and customer service.

As a product manager, it would be your responsibility to assist businesses in finding, developing, and releasing products that meet the needs of consumers and the markets they are trying to reach.

These items must compete with industry standards if they are to survive in the current market. You will acquire knowledge of market research, user design, prototyping, product marketing, planning, and strategy creation as a product manager.

5 – Enter the Blockchain Industry
One of the leading areas nowadays is blockchain. For those who may not be too aware of blockchain, it is a system for collecting and storing information. This data is kept in order to make it incredibly challenging to hack into and corrupt.

So, for instance, you might use blockchain technology to record a company’s accounting transactions across numerous devices. Over the computer network, the data is replicated and divided. Therefore, it is difficult to interfere with the data saved on the blockchain because it is not recorded on a single server or computer.

6 – Become a Cyber Security Expert
A role for a cyber security specialist will always be open in companies that decide to digitalize their data. Because internet platforms are delicate and prone to attacks, all businesses that handle sensitive data hire specialists or hire outside firms to provide cyber security.

Cybersecurity services are increasingly in demand. The market for cyber security employment increased by 20% just last year. Some of the top companies seeking to hire cyber security specialists are Amazon, CISCO, Wells Fargo, and Flipkart.

After BCA, Which Courses Can Be Taken?
If you want to maintain your position at the top of your field considering the continuous innovation in the tech industry, you’ll need to find a strategy to constantly learn. Upskilling is therefore essential in the tech industry to advance.

1 – Master in Computer Application (MCA)
Getting an MCA would make sense after obtaining a BCA. The ideal method to further enhance your professional standing in this sector if you want to specialize in it is by earning an MCA.

After an MCA, you can be qualified for positions such as network engineer, database administrator, system analyst, software engineer, and troubleshooter.

There are several entrance examinations you can take, and admission is based on merit. Exams like the BHU PET, CMAT, TANCET, and NIMCET are among them. For freshers, the beginning salary ranges from 3 to 5 LPA. Your master’s in computer applications can boost your income by at least 50% if you pair it with a project-based full stack course.

2 – Master in Information Management
For people interested in working with datasets, there is a degree in Master in Information Management or MSIM. By turning massive datasets into valuable information, this course will show you how to organize and evaluate information.

Students that are interested in MSIM learn how to use the data to establish organizational strategies and boost businesses’ overall productivity.

3 – Master in Computer Management
A master’s programme in computer management lasts two years. Students can only apply for this degree once they have completed their 10+2+3 years of education.

Applicants must have a CGPA of at least 45%. The course contains four semesters, one required internship phase, and concentrates on developing sophisticated application software systems.

You can apply for an infinite number of jobs with a Master’s in Computer Management. You could, for instance, work in the IT or banking sectors. Those who have completed an MCM often earn between INR 2 lakh and INR 4 lakh annually.

4 – Online Machine Learning Courses
Machine learning is taught in many online courses. These courses concentrate on developing and utilizing computer systems that can adapt and learn without being explicitly told to do so.

It involves the development of computer programs with intuitive capabilities that can anticipate behavior based on patterns and take appropriate action.

5 – IT Certifications
BCA graduates have a wide range of IT certifications to choose from, depending on their areas of interest. For the different software products they are developing, Amazon offers a wide range of certification programs. Amazon’s certifications in cloud computing are currently one of the most lucrative areas.

6 – Network Security Courses
Due to the growing demand for quick skill upgrades, courses like CEH have grown quite popular. A lot of IT courses are available online as well, which can help you learn new skills and increase your value to the company.

Concluding Remarks
Due to its constant pursuit of higher peaks, the technological world is incredibly interesting. It is always essential to innovate and keep up with developments because currently, in-demand jobs can become obsolete in a few years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1 – What is the scope of BCA?
There is great scope for BCA in the IT Industry. With a BCA, you can become a:

Web Designer & Developer
Data Scientist
Network Administrator
Digital Marketer
Software Developer
Software Tester
Computer Programmer

2 – What can a student do after BCA?
There are so many things a student can do after completing a BCA. You can pursue the following courses:

Master in computer application (MCA)
Master in information management
Master in computer management
Machine Learning Courses
Data Science and Data Analytics Course
Master’s in Business Administration

Career Options after BCA in 2024

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Career Options after BCA in 2024

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