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What is Salesforce? Why should you join Uncodemy to pursue it?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage their customer data, interactions, and transactions.

Here are some key things to know about Salesforce:

  • Salesforce offers a wide range of products and services that cater to different industries and business sizes.
  • It provides a centralized database for storing customer data, including contact information, purchase history, and communication records.

  • Salesforce enables businesses to automate sales processes, manage customer service requests, and analyze customer data to improve marketing efforts.
  • The platform can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business, with the ability to add custom fields, workflows, and applications.
  • Salesforce offers a wide range of integrations with other business software and tools, such as email marketing platforms, social media, and accounting software.
  • It provides a mobile app, allowing users to access customer data and manage tasks on the go.
  • Salesforce offers a variety of pricing plans, ranging from basic to enterprise-level solutions, to suit different business needs and budgets.

Salesforce training, on the other hand is a program that teaches individuals how to use the Salesforce platform to manage customer relationships and automate business processes.

Here are some key points about Salesforce training:

  • Salesforce training is designed for users of all levels, from beginners to advanced users.
  • The training covers various topics such as Salesforce fundamentals, sales and marketing automation, customer service and support, and analytics and reporting.
  • Salesforce offers a variety of training formats, including self-paced online courses, instructor-led virtual classes, and in-person training.
  • The training can be customized to focus on specific products or industries, depending on the learner's needs.
  • Salesforce provides certifications for users who have completed the training and passed the corresponding exams. These certifications are widely recognized in the industry and can enhance one's career prospects.
  • Salesforce also offers training resources for administrators and developers, including courses on platform customization, integration, and development.
  • The training is constantly updated to reflect the latest features and functionality of the Salesforce platform.

Uncodemy understands that many of its students dream of making an impact in the tech industry. That's why we offer a comprehensive salesforce training in Delhi, that's designed to prepare you for success as a salesforce. This program is taught by experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. You'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to make your mark in this fast-paced field. With Uncodemy, you'll be ready to take your career to the next level.

Let's take a look at the benefits of a salesforce course in Delhi, from Uncodemy. With Uncodemy, you'll enjoy the following Salesforce course benefits in Delhi:

  • 100% career-focused training.
  • Faculty members who are experts in the field.
  • Free trial classes are available.
  • Over 135 batches completed.
  • Highly qualified and certified professionals.
  • Students complete projects and internships, to gain practical experience.
  • Students receive training in both soft skills and hard skills.
  • The faculty consists of experts in the field.
  • Students attend grooming sessions to improve their professional image.
  • Students are graded on their progress and placement potential.
  • Students are given extensive interview training.

Remarkable features of Uncodemy

It's time to stop putting off your dreams of becoming a salesforce! At Uncodemy, we have a team of experienced industry professionals who can help you unlock your creative potential and gain the skills you need to succeed. With our comprehensive salesforce training course in Delhi, you'll gain the knowledge and expertise you need to stand out in the job market. Don't wait any longer - start your journey today!

100% placement guarantee.
Affordable Bootcamps.
Globally recognised certifications.
Flexible schedules.
Special batches for working or busy students.
Option to choose from online and offline classroom or sessions.
One on one sessions for efficient learning.
Multiple live projects.
Paid internships and certificates after completion.
Certified courses of Salesforce to help you become a skilled professional.
Working Mentors from Salesforce industries.
Experience letter.
Q/A after every session.
Chat with the tutors anytime.
One time investment, lifetime validity.

Curriculums for Salesforce Training Courses in Delhi


Angular Curriculum

The curriculum has been designed by faculty from IITs, and Expert Industry Professionals.


Hours of Content


Live Sessions


Tools and Software

Set the Basics Right

Angular is the domain of study that deals with vast volumes of data using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information, and make business decisions. For example, finance companies can use a customer's banking and bill-paying history to assess creditworthiness and loan risk.

Angular course provider of Delhi called Uncodemy offers a curriculum that contains following courses to strengthen your skill in Angular-

1. Python for Angular

  • Need for Programming
  • Advantages of Programming
  • Overview of Python
  • Organizations using Python
  • Python Applications in Various Domains
  • Python Installation
  • Variables
  • Operands and Expressions
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Method of Accepting User Input and eval Function
  • Python - Files Input/Output Functions
  • Lists and Related Operations
  • Tuples and Related Operations
  • Strings and Related Operations
  • Sets and Related Operations
  • Dictionaries and Related Operations
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Concept of Return Statement
  • Concept of name =” main ”
  • Function Parameters
  • Different Types of Arguments
  • Global Variables
  • Global Keyword
  • Variable Scope and Returning Values
  • Lambda Functions
  • Various Built-In Functions
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Built-In Class Attributes
  • Public, Protected and Private Attributes, and Methods
  • Class Variable and Instance Variable
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Decorator in Python
  • Core Object-Oriented Principles
  • Inheritance and Its Types
  • Method Resolution Order
  • Overloading
  • Overriding
  • Getter and Setter Methods
  • Inheritance-In-Class Case Study
  • Standard Libraries
  • Packages and Import Statements
  • Topics : Working with Modules and Handling Exceptions
  • Info@uncodemy.com | +91-7701928515 | www.uncodemy.com
  • Reload Function
  • Important Modules in Python
  • Sys Module
  • Os Module
  • Math Module
  • Date-Time Module
  • Random Module
  • JSON Module
  • Regular Expression
  • Exception Handling
  • Basics of Data Analysis
  • NumPy - Arrays
  • Operations on Arrays
  • Indexing Slicing and Iterating
  • NumPy ArrayAttributes
  • Matrix Product
  • NumPy Functions
  • Functions
  • Array Manipulation
  • File Handling Using NumPy
  • Array Creation and Logic Functions
  • File Handling Using Numpy
  • Introduction to pandas
  • Data structures in pandas
  • Series
  • Data Frames
  • Importing and Exporting Files in Python
  • Basic Functionalities of a Data Object
  • Merging of Data Objects
  • Concatenation of Data Objects
  • Types of Joins on Data Objects
  • Data Cleaning using pandas
  • Exploring Datasets
  • 2. Angular Primer and Statistics

  • What is Angular?
  • What does Angular involve?
  • Era of Angular
  • Business Intelligence vs Angular
  • Life cycle of Angular
  • Tools of Angular
  • Application of Angular
  • Introduction
  • Stages of Analytics
  • CRISP DM Data Life Cycle
  • Data Types
  • Introduction to EDA
  • First Business Moment Decision
  • Second Business Moment Decision
  • Third Business Moment Decision
  • Fourth Business Moment Decision
  • Correlation
  • What is Feature
  • Feature Engineering
  • Feature Engineering Process
  • Benefit
  • Feature Engineering Techniques
  • Basics Of Probability
  • Discrete Probability Distributions
  • Continuous Probability Distributions
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Concepts Of Hypothesis Testing - I: Null And Alternate Hypothesis, Making
  • A Decision, And Critical Value Method
  • Concepts Of Hypothesis Testing - II: P-Value Method And Types Of Errors
  • Industry Demonstration Of Hypothesis Testing: Two-Sample Mean And
  • Proportion Test, A/B Testing
  • 3. Machine Learning

  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Simple Linear Regression In Python
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression In Python
  • Industry Relevance Of Linear Regression
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Simple Linear Regression In Python
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression In Python
  • Industry Relevance Of Linear Regression
  • Univariate Logistic Regression
  • Multivariate Logistic Regression: Model
  • Building And Evaluation
  • Logistic Regression:
  • Industry Applications
  • Data mining classifier technique
  • Application of KNN classifier
  • Lazy learner classifier
  • Altering hyperparameter(k) for better accuracy
  • Black box
  • SVM hyperplane
  • Max margin hyperplane
  • Kernel tricks for non linear spaces
  • Rule based classification method
  • Different nodes for develop decision trees
  • Discretization
  • Entropy
  • Greedy approach
  • Information gain
  • Challenges with standalone model
  • Reliability and performance of a standalone model
  • Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Ensemble Technique
  • Bagging & Boosting
  • Random forest
  • Stacking
  • Voting & Averaging technique
  • Difference between cross sectional and time series data
  • Different component of time series data
  • Visualization techniques for time series data
  • Model based approach
  • Data driven based approach
  • Difference between Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Prelims of clustering
  • Measuring distance between record and groups
  • Linkage functions
  • Dendrogram
  • Dimension reduction
  • Application of PCA
  • PCA & its working
  • SVD & its working
  • Point of Sale
  • Application of Association rules
  • Measure of association rules
  • Drawback of measure of association rules
  • Condition probability
  • Lift ratio
  • 4. Deep Learning

  • Black box techniques
  • Intution of neural networks
  • Perceptron algorithm
  • Calculation of new weights
  • Non linear boundaries in MLP
  • Integration function
  • Activation function
  • Error surface
  • Gradient descent algo
  • Imagenet classification challenges
  • Convolution network applications
  • Challenges in classifying the images using MLP
  • Parameter explosion
  • Pooling layers
  • Fully connected layers
  • Alexnet case study
  • Modelling sequence data
  • Vanishing/Gradient descent explode
  • What is a Deep Learning Platform?
  • H2O.ai
  • Dato GraphLab
  • What is a Deep Learning Library?
  • Theano
  • Deeplearning4j
  • Torch
  • Caffe
  • 5. Data Visualization and Story Telling

  • Bar Charts
  • Histograms
  • Pie Charts
  • Box Plots
  • Scatter Plots
  • Line Plots and Regression
  • Pair plot
  • Word Clouds
  • Radar Charts
  • Waffle Charts
  • 6. Natural Language Processing

  • Text data generating sources
  • How to give structure to text structure using bag of words
  • Terminology used in text data analysis
  • DTM & TDM
  • TFIDF & its usage
  • Word cloud and its interpretation
  • 7. SQL

  • Introduction to Databases
  • How to create a Database instance on Cloud?
  • Provision a Cloud hosted Database instance.
  • What is SQL?
  • Thinking About Your Data
  • Relational vs. Transactional Models ER Diagram
  • CREATE Table Statement and DROP tables
  • UPDATE and DELETE Statements
  • Retrieving Data with a SELECT Statement
  • Creating Temporary Tables
  • Adding Comments to SQL
  • Basics of Filtering with SQL
  • Advanced Filtering: IN, OR, and NOT
  • Using Wildcards in SQL
  • Sorting with ORDER BY
  • Math Operations
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Grouping Data with SQL
  • Using Subqueries
  • Subquery Best Practices and Considerations
  • Joining Tables
  • Cartesian (Cross) Joins
  • Inner Joins
  • Aliases and Self Joins
  • Advanced Joins: Left, Right, and Full Outer Joins
  • Unions
  • Working with Text Strings
  • Working with Date and Time Strings
  • Date and Time Strings Examples
  • Case Statements
  • Views
  • Data Governance and Profiling
  • Using SQL for Angular
  • How to access databases using Python?
  • Writing code using DB-API
  • Connecting to a database using DB API
  • Create Database Credentials
  • Connecting to a database instance
  • Creating tables, loading, inserting, data and querying data
  • Analysing data with Python
  • 8. Excel

  • Input data & handling large spreadsheets
  • Tricks to get your work done faster
  • Automating data analysis (Excel VLOOKUP, IF Function, ROUND and more)
  • Transforming messy data into shape
  • Cleaning, Processing and Organizing large data
  • Spreadsheet design principles
  • Drop-down lists in Excel and adding data validation to the cells.
  • Creating Charts & Interactive reports with Excel Pivot Tables, PivotCharts, Slicers and Timelines
  • Functions like: - COUNTIFS, COUNT, SUMIFS, AVERAGE and many more.
  • Excel features: - Sort, Filter, Search & Replace Go to Special etc...
  • Importing and Transforming data (with Power Query)
  • Customize the Microsoft Excel interface
  • Formatting correctly for professional reports.
  • Commenting on cells.
  • Automate data entry with Autofill and Flash-fill.
  • Writing Excel formulas & referencing to other workbooks / worksheets.
  • Printing options
  • Charts beyond column and bar charts: - Pareto chart, Histogram, Treemap, Sunburst
  • charts & more
  • 9. TABLEAU

  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Tableau Introduction and Tableau Architecture
  • Exploring Data using Tableau
  • Working with Data using Tableau including Data Extraction and
  • Blending
  • Various Charts in Tableau(Basics to Advanced)
  • Sorting-Quick Sort, Sort from Axis, Legends, Axis, Sort by Fields
  • Filtering- Dimension Filters, Measure Filters, Date Filters, Tableau
  • Context Filters
  • Groups , Sets and Combined Sets
  • Reference Lines, Bands and Distribution
  • Parameters, Dynamic Parameters and Actions
  • Forecasting-Exponential Smoothening Techniques
  • Clustering
  • Calculated Fields in Tableau, Quick Tables
  • Tableau Mapping Features
  • Tableau Dashboards, Dashboards Action and Stories
  • Get cosmopolitan certifications with Uncodemy

    For anyone considering a career in salesforce, it's important to invest in quality training. With Uncodemy's salesforce training certification in Delhi, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Not only will you learn the technical aspects of salesforce, but you'll also gain an understanding of the creative and business aspects of the field. With the increasing demand for skilled salesforce professionals, now is the perfect time to get started. So why wait? Start your journey today! To get certified with certificates with below mentioned associations-

    • ISO
    • Skill India
    Tools and Technologies covered
    • Excel


    • Tableau


    • Power-BI-Symbol


    • ggplot


    • Jupyter


    • Numpy


    • Python


    • Pandas


    • Seaborn


    • looker


    • Matplotlib-logo


    • PyCharm


    • Google Colab

      Google Colab

    • Anaconda


    • NLTK


    • Scikit-learn


    • SQL


    • MySql


    • PostgreSQL


    • ML


    • Deep Learning

      Deep Learning

    • NLP


    Ace your interview with Uncodemy-

    Uncodemy, the known salesforce training institute in Delhi also serves students by preparing them with the latest tips and tricks to ace interviews of absolutely any level by providing them below mentioned provisions-

    Know Uncodemy more-

    It's natural to have some questions and concerns before making an important decision like this. So, to help you make an informed choice, here are some key salesforce course benefits in Delhi brought to you by Uncodemy which is the well known salesforce training institute in Delhi:

    For a reason Uncodemy, is the best salesforceTraining Institute in Delhi, based out of Delhi NCR, India. Tutors employed in Uncodemy are from suppositious MNC’s to Startup’s that are well-thought of and are on the path of becoming the next big name.

    Uncodemy tied itself with Fortune 500 to have the finest experts to level up your game to become the next salesforce professional by providing personalised grooming sessions.

    Working Students and the students who are far residing can go for live sessions or online mode of classes, which are no different from the regular classroom training.

    Uncodemy understands its responsibility to provide the best salesforce training in Delhi, by offering a provision of special batches to the students who want to start their professional journey ASAP.

    Apart from salesforce, Uncodemy also provides comprehensive courses of Data science, Data Analytics, Full Stack Development, Software Testing, Automation Testing, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, AWS, Cloud Computing, Azure Training, Web Designing, Python Training, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Manual Testing and Search Engine Optimisation.

    With Uncodemy, one can be easily placed in the companies like CISCO, Adobe, McKinsey and company, Teleperformance (each interaction matters), AWS, Collabera, Walmart, NTT Data, Deloitte, IBM, Capgemini, Centurylink, Quick Heal (security simplified), Morgan Stanley etc.

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